Short Stories

Kristallnacht A Woman of Valor

The shouting grew louder, the words viler, all accompanied by the sound of breaking glass and laughter as the mob came closer. The laughter wasn’t the kind one might hear after a joke, but rather hysterical laughter, the kind one imagined rang out all day and all night in an asylum.

Dead Men Don’t Hammer Nails

“Inspector, she left a note,” said an exasperated Captain Alon. “I don’t see any reason for us to initiate an investigation into a suicide. This is an open and shut case. And besides, she was a prostitute.”
“We don’t know that for sure.”
“She says it in her note.”

El Ladron (The Thief)

The shrill ring of his phone wakes Nelson from a deep sleep. It’s Tonio, his best friend, his amigo de alma, his brother from another mother. Is there anything they wouldn’t do for each other? That concept is about to be tested. Enjoy a bit of chilling noir in a steamy venue.

La Libreta (The Notebook)

Adela has given up everything for her young daughter, Rosa. Now she’s adrift in New York. She never imagined America would be like this. She thought it would be like the American TV shows she saw every day back in Santo Domingo. Can she make it here? Can she give her daughter a future?

Mother Knows Best

Officers Kurchenko and Gonzalvez get a tip. Trouble’s brewing and the source is a most unlikely duo, a couple of nosy old ladies. If it’s true though, they don’t have much time. Can they find the suspect’s mother before it’s too late?

Image courtesy of The Uptown Collective

A Glint of Metal

Nerves are on edge and the powder keg is already smoking, when Detective Pete Gonzalvez’s teenage son is accused of involvement in an attempted robbery that leads to the death of his friend. Pete knows his son, and he knows his son knows better. Can he and partner Tolya Kurchenko find the evidence to clear young Jeremy?

Image courtesy of The Uptown Collective

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