The Interpreter

Coming March 2020

In the heat of wartime Manila, 23-year-old American GI Kurt Berlin is recruited by the OSS to return to Europe to aid in the interrogation of captured Nazis. A refugee from the Nazis himself, Berlin discovers the SS officer he’s interpreting is responsible for much of the torment and misery he endured during his escape. And that very same Nazi may hold the key to finding the girl he left behind. Will the gravitational pull of revenge dislodge his moral compass?

From the terror of pre-war Vienna to the chaos of occupied Brussels, through Kurt’s flight with his family through Nazi-Occupied France to the destruction of post-war Europe, The Interpreter follows Kurt’s surreal escape and return. How much can his young mind absorb before it shatters?

The Interpreter is the first installment in a the new “Justice” series, featuring protagonist Kurt Berlin. The saga begins in 1939 and follows Berlin’s transformation from a teenage refugee on the run in Nazi Europe through his transformation into a US attorney and then to covert CIA agent, ending in 1973. Sidransky is currently writing the second installment, The Intern, set against the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in 1953. It will be released in 2022.


“An emotional thriller on an important subject. Deep research propels the story, its finely etched characters intrigued me, and the element of the love story with its twist at the end smoothed what is really quite disturbing subject matter. An exciting and illuminating read.”
—Martin Fletcher, Former Foreign Correspondent NBC News, and author of The List

“Crisp, original, unforgettable. The Interpreter is a flashlight piercing the dark shadows of American history. Sidransky is a born storyteller.”
—Diana Spechler, author of Who by Fire and Skinny

“By turns thrilling, uplifting, shocking, and heartwarming, The Interpreter takes you on parallel emotional rollercoaster rides through a harrowing escape from Nazi-controlled Austria and the dirty backroom deals made by desperate spies in a world on the brink of the Cold War. A must-read.”
—Erica Obey, author of The Horseman’s Word

“Sidransky has written a powerful story about the ravages of war, a tale of love and loss, of hate and revenge and the struggle to hold onto one’s humanity in an inhumane world.”
—Jeff Markowitz, author of Death and White Diamonds

“A gripping thriller with stunning twists, The Interpreter is also history and the cure for any number of lies about the Holocaust.”
—Albert Tucher, author of The Same Mistake Twice and The Honorary Jersey Girl

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